In 2007, we visited a few competitions as spectators.  As we walked around a few teams were handing out samples and we were amazed at the quality of food.  In 2008, a group of us decided starting a team of our own was a great idea.  The reality is we had no idea what we were doing and it showed in our first our first contest!!  Our poor showing did not detour us and with a local class, practice and luck we took first place in Pork at our second contest.  We have been hooked ever since.  It is always fun to think back to our start when we were cooking on Chargrillers and Brinkmans without even an Easy-up.

As the Burning Hot Unknowns we competed primarily in the Mid-Atlantic with a few contests in the Northeast.  We have had our share of successes and horror stories.  In 2013, we started a new chapter for our competition team by changing our named to Qubed and competing out of Loveland, OH.

Our time on the BBQ circuit has been a great experience.  We have met many great people and lets face it there is nothing better than spending a weekend outside smoking meat.  Julie and I are both engineers by education and we do this as a hobby.  Aiden has literally known competition BBQ his entire life (I wonder when he’ll realize not everyone does it).  If you see us at a contest, stop by and visit.  BBQ is a mix of art and science, everyone has opinions on what works best and I’m always happy to share mine.

Craig, Pitmaster